School transports

Existing public transportation is primarily used for student transports. The transports are in the form of taxis or chartered buses if it is impossible to use public transports.

In Loviisa students have right to free of charge school transports from their permanent home address as registered in the Population register to the school where the pupil primarily is to attend (appointed by the City of Loviisa e.g. according to shortest distance to school and the language of the pupil) when 

  • the distance to school exceeds three kilometres (preschool and grades 1–3) 
  • the distance to school exceeds five kilometres (grades 4–9) 
  • the route the pupil follows to school has places that have been deemed dangerous by the Educational committee.   

In such cases the principal of the school decides without separate application on granting the school transport benefit. 

The schedules and routes for the taxis and chartered buses are available at the schools before the school year begins. The schedules for the public transports can be found on the web site of Matkahuolto. 

Place a separate application to the educational services as regarding temporary school transport benefits and school transport benefits that are subject to deciding by office-holders 

  • when the way to school is arduous and difficult (requires an expert  opinion) 
  • due to health-related reasons, accidents or diseases (requires a medical certificate).