Student welfare

The school welfare officer

The school welfare officer is the social worker of the school and part of the multiprofessional student welfare services. The school welfare officer offers guidance and support, as well as crisis aid, to pupils, guardians and the entire school community.

Contact the school welfare officer when you need help and support with

  • school attendance
  • friend relationships
  • changes in your life situation
  • development
  • home life and upbringing

The school welfare officer works near the pupils at school. It is easiest to reach the school welfare officer using Wilma or by phone. The school welfare officer is obligated to maintain professional secrecy.

The school psychologist

The school psychologist is the school community’s expert in psychological issues.

Contact us if you are anxious about your child’s

  • learning or some other aspect of the school attendance
  • mental health, for instance if the child suffers from depression or anxiety.

We map the situation together with the child’s guardians and as needed refer the child to further examinations or care. Children or youths can also contact us on their own initiative. The school psychologist is obligated to maintain professional secrecy.