Children and youth

Our duty is to promote and maintain the welfare of children, youths and their families, as well as to prevent marginalization, through organizing social and health care services to children, youths and their families. The aim is to act as early, as client-orientedly, as openly and in as good cooperation as possible with children, youths, families and other cooperative partners.

Service counselling and guidance of the social services 

We offer service counselling and guidance of the social services for the inhabitants of Loviisa and Lapinjärvi. Our aim is that you get the support that corresponds with your needs. You can ask any question relating to your own, a friend’s, a relative’s or a family member’s support need. 

Contact the service counselling when you 

  • wish to discuss your or your family’s life situation 
  • need information about services that correspond with your needs, and when you need guidance in how to obtain them. 

You can call the service counsellor on weekdays between 9 and 12. If we are unable to take your call at that precise moment, please leave your contact information and we will call you back as soon as possible. You can also send us e-mail. 

Service guidance for families with children, HELMI
tel. 019 5600 350