Child health and maternity clinics and therapy services

The child health and maternity clinics of the city as well as the therapy services for children offer support and guidance in matters pertaining to prevention, pregnancy, child care and child raising.

NB! You cannot come on a booked appointment if you or someone in your family has flu symptoms! In such a case you are requested to book a new appointment, please contact the child health or maternity clinic for further instructions. 

You can book an appointment to a public health nurse at the child health or maternity clinic through the service eTerveys, read more!  

You can contact us online by means of the service Klinik whenever it suits you best. By means of the service you can leave a request for contact to the child health or maternity clinic. We try to answer requests for contact during the next working day. The service works 24 h at the address

Therapy services

Does your child need special help? The therapy services for children (e.g. speech therapy, occupational therapy) are supplied as purchased services. Contact you own child health clinic!

Maternity clinic

Our job is to promote the health and welfare of the pregnant woman, the foetus, the new born child and the whole expecting family.

The aim is to

  • prevent disturbances during the pregnancy
  • discover possible disturbances at an early stage and as needed to refer to continued care.

You are offered the possibility for screening for foetal chromosome and structural abnormalities during the pregnancy. In order to participate in screenings you should contact the maternity clinic already before the eighth pregnancy week.

A prerequisite for getting the maternity benefit is that you have visited the maternity clinic once before the fourth pregnancy month has ended.

Child health clinic

The services are aimed at families with children under the school age

Our responsibilities are to

  • promote the health and welfare of children under the school age and families
  • follow the physical, psychic and social growth of the child
  • encourage the parents to a safe and child-oriented upbringing and care as well as taking care of their own health and relationship
  • as early as possible detect the child families’ need for special support and to organize appropriate help.