Information for Immigrants

The municipality immigration services facilitates the reception and promotes the integration of:

  • quota refugees placed in the municipality.
  • asylum seekers who have received a residence permit who move independently.

Our duties also include:

  • preparation of initial surveys and integration plans
  • supporting customers in everyday management, creating support networks and accessing information.

Please make an appointment before your visit to the immigration services!

Please note: People who get temporary protection do not fall under the immigration services.

Information for people arriving from the Ukraine to Loviisa as well as for the parties who assist these people

The reception centres answer for the lodging and organization of social and healthcare services for refugees from the Ukraine. The reception centres answer for organizing the services also to people in private lodging.

Therefore, all refugees from the Ukraine are asked to register at the nearest police station in order to seek asylum or temporary protection.

Information on police stations where it is possible to register for temporary protection,

More information can be found on the web site of the Finnish Immigrant Service,

Тимчасовий захист для тих, хто утік від війни в Україні