Open Early Childhood Education and Care

Our open childcare services are meant for children whose parents for one reason or another are staying at home. The open early childhood education and care services in Loviisa are provided in play clubs and at our open childcare unit Treffis.


Treffis is an open day care of the City of Loviisa, offering early childhood care and education activities for children aged 0–5 years who are in home care. Participation requires that a parent or caretaker

participates. It is possible to participate according to one’s own schedule without preliminary registration (extra programmes may deviate from this).

The activities of Treffis are generally on weekdays and free of charge. Extra programmes are arranged at times and may be subject to charge. This is informed of separately.

The locations for the activities vary and are located in different parts of the city. The programme is found on the web site and on Facebook: Avoinpäiväkoti Treffis

Treffis is a safe place, where the child and the child’s parents get the service in their own mother tongue (Finnish/Swedish). The activities are planned according to the early childhood care and education plan of the City of Loviisa and adapted to suit the development and needs of the child. The child gets to practice social skills and together with the parent experience togetherness with other children and adults.

The parishes of Loviisa

The parishes of the Loviisa region also arrange activities of many kinds for families with children.