Online services and applying for childcare services

Apply for early childhood education and care services 4 to 6 months before the desired start in childcare. In urgent cases (if you e.g. suddenly find employment or are granted a place in an educational institution), applications are processed within two weeks. The heads of the childcare units provide details on available services.

Online services eVarhaiskasvatus

eVarhaiskasvatus is a secure online service provided by the Early Childhood Education and Care of the city of Loviisa.

In eVarhaiskasvatus you can:

apply for early childhood education and care services

specify when childcare is needed

receive electronic decisions (decisions regarding placement and fees)

The service is free.

Our online services are used in a web portal. To access them you need to be registered for personal online banking or have a digital certificate for mobile authentication. You log in to the web portal with an online banking-ID or mobile-ID.

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Applying for early childhood education and care services

You can apply for early childhood education and care services anytime. We always consider your wishes and try to find the best solution for your needs.

The childcare groups are often full and you may not be granted the services you would like. It is easier for us to fulfil your wishes if you apply for our services at least four months before your child starts in our care.

Fill in your application online. You need an online-banking ID or a mobile ID to be able to log in to our online service. Paper forms are available in all childcare units and at our customer service bureau Lovinfo.

Log in to eVarhaiskasvatus

Contact the head of the childcare unit if you would like to make changes to an application that you have already submitted.

Declaring care times

Book the care times with the service eVarhaiskasvatus at the latest at 11 pm on the Monday two weeks before you need the care.

  • Earlier declared care times can be changed as late as the Monday on the week before the care week. If the system has already closed, the personnel of the early childhood care and education unit can be directly informed. The work shifts of the personnel are consolidated one week before, i.e. the information of the times of the child’s participation is important. The programme sends a remind concerning the booking two days prior to closing the system of declaring care times to those guardians who have submitted their email addresses.
  • It is possible to declare care times of several weeks. The programme still reminds on a weekly basis of declaring care times, but this can be disregarded.
  • Also declare the child’s possible days off.
  • If care times have not been booked by the deadline, the personnel of the early childhood care and education unit books care times for the child for each day according to an average number of hours between 8 am and 4 pm. This number of hours is included in the declared number of hours.
  • If the booked level of monthly hours is exceeded, the average time of the child in early childhood care and education is checked over a period of three months. If the exceeding is continuous the early childhood care and education fee is elevated to the following fee grade.