Customer service office Lovinfo

In customer service questions, please contact us first and, if necessary, we will pass your question on to the expert that can help you.
We cannot promise answers to all your questions right away, but what we do not know we promise to find out as quickly as possible.

Lovinfo primarily handles the customer services relating to the city’s Centre for Economic Development and Infrastructure and the city’s Centre for Education and Welfare. In questions pertaining to social services and public health care, please turn to the various units at our Basic Security Centre.

Contact or visit Lovinfo

• to get general information and advice on the city’s services
• to submit applications and notifications, for example support applications and applications for building permits
• to order excerpts for example of maps or plans
• to pick up various forms and ask for advice on how to complete them
• to give feedback
• to apply for a boat berth or an allotment
• to pick up keys to the gym or leisure halls and facilities
• to sign up to courses at our adult education centre and to trips, camps and holiday activities organised by our leisure activities department
• to buy tickets to events organised by our cultural activities department, such as concerts and trips
• to read our city’s official noticeboard
• to use our client terminal.

You can contact us by

• phoning us at +358 19 555 555
• sending an e-mail to the address
• paying us a visit at Mariankatu 12 A, 07900 Loviisa.
Welcome to Lovinfo!