Lyckebo is an idyllic and harmonic group family day care home close to nature in Hommansby.

The smell of home cooked food and intimacy radiating warmth 

Three adults work at our group family day care home and we have room for twelve children. We cook and clean ourselves. The children can partake in our everyday life for instance by setting the tables before eating. We sort our waste and when possible reuse certain materials.
We support the growth of the child, guide the children in managing on their own so that they develop into independent, thinking and cooperative individuals. We offer the children a safe environment. We are present and the lap is always open. We consider the needs of the children and their families.

Our weekly programme is made out of playing, crafting, singing, fairy tale readings, sports and walks in the nature. The large yard of Lyckebo offers the children possibilities for a wide variety of games.