Hembacka childcare unit

Hembacka childcare unit is located in Liljendal, approximately 20 kilometres north-west of the centre of Loviisa. Our bilingual childcare unit has two groups: one for children aged 1 to 3 and one for children aged 3 to 6. We also manage the morning and afternoon care of Swedish-speaking pre-schoolers.

Hembacka – small, cosy, and close to nature 

At Hembacka we aim for a good growth environment, where the personnel in cooperation with the children create a good atmosphere for play, creativity and understanding. Our primary focus is well-being and safety, as well as supporting the children in all areas of development. At our childcare unit the significance of play is emphasized. The personnel supports play by letting the children play undisturbed, and by offering suitable and safe materials to do so. 

The immediate surroundings at Hembacka serve as a diverse learning environment. Sports hall, playground and library are at walking-distance. We regularly make good use of these opportunities in our activities. Being in the country, we are also close to nature; Skogsmulle and Skogsknytte activities are an integral part of autumn and spring at our unit.